The power of social media 

Earlier today an Amber Alert was issued in Manitoba for an 8-year-old girl.  The story hit social media late afternoon  The Public was told where she had been taken from, who had taken her and the vehicle and license plate number of the Truck she was in.  A press conference had just started when the officer leading the conference was told she had been found safely. The police received tips based on the vehicle description.

When the story broke I thought why doesn’t SnapChat have a feature that allows users to add the photo of Missing Child in there Province or State to their story.  While I’m not sure Snapchat will make a feature for Amber Alerts the next time a child goes missing in your city, province or state take a screenshot of the missing poster and add it to your story. You never know that story you share about a missing child may help someone provide a tip that will help police locate them.