That about me section!

My first name is Farah and my middle initial is B so that’s where the Bee in Farah Bee comes from.

I first became more interested in photography about 5 years ago when my cousin asked me to join Instagram. At the time I just had a point and shoot Canon and my iPhone 4. I felt like being behind the camera was making me re-discover the world. I grew up in Charleswood right beside the Assiniboine Park. With my point and shoot cameras I began taking photos of the buildings, landscapes and wildlife inside the park.

As my interest developed, I decided to look into the professional photography program at Red River College. I decided to enroll in the part-time photography program later that fall.

I picked out my very first SLR with the help of a relative and a photography blog by Ken Rockwell .  The blog featured a comparison between the Nikon D7000 and the Canon 52000.

The start of social media coincided with my completion of  High School. Back then there were sites like Hi5, Orkut and Friendster.  Currently, my favorite sites are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Grand Canyon Squirrel photo featured on my Facebook page

I’ve had Facebook for over ten years. Even though there are times I feel like I need a ” Facebook Break” I know the site has helped me stay in touch with family and friends around the world. Through it’s feature pages I have been able to create my own artist page  which I have recently been able to connect to Instagram making my @Farah_Bee account a business Instagram account.  It’s also great to be able to connect with other photographers. On facebook I’ve liked a lot of pages for different types of photography like this one which features fine art photography

I joined Twitter @farah_beee about seven years ago and it’s still my go to site for staying up to date with News (CBC, CTV, New York Times, Globe& Mail) and interests like music(following my favoirte singers), politics(currently what’s going on in the US election), photography( I follow Nikon Canada, Don’s Photo, Photography Talk, Getty Images, National Geographic Photography and several photography bloggers).

LinkedIn is the most recent social media site I’ve joined. I am still trying to learn its benefits. The main difference I see is that everyone is there to  market their career or business. Updating your resume is important. Traditionally people only did that when they were looking for a job. When you have Linked in you feel the need to update your digital resume as soon as something occurs. This helps motivate me to continue to learn more skills.  LinkedIn is a site that encourages its users to continue to learn through its partnership with . My college’s online photoshop courses actually used tutorials to help students like me learn how to use photoshop!

Bumpy road

It’s been months since I last wrote. The road got bumpy again. I know I need to make changes in order for the Journey ahead to go more smoothly. Even though I am nervous about tomorrow I know it’s a big step in the right direction. Opening to a stranger is kinda scary, though.

Never let yourself give up

so I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a long time but never knew how I would start or what I would even write about.

I had thought about going back to school and made attempts that didn’t work out.  Since going back there have a few times the road got a little bit bumpy road and I’ve been worried I wasn’t really that good at photography.  Now Looking back at my assignment from my various courses I can say that I learned a lot since then.  With my blog,I’d like to share  journey as a photography  student and my journey through life!